Life Insurance Corporation of India has launched his latest and the best Policy ever in India “LIC Jeevan Sugam” 2014-2015.

Life Insurance Corporation of India 2014-2015 is launched a new Policy all over the India basis. Policy name is “Jeevan Sugam” it is the best ever of the policy history said lots of people. This is a single premium plans and no-linked which is available in limited time. This is granted returns policy and all the type of people has been taken of it.

AGE LIMIT: - 4 to 45 years of age

POLICY SUM LIMIT: - Under RS. – 60,000/- Limit and no upper limit on policy investment time.

PLANE: - LIC Jeevan Sugam has provided a single premium plane for any investment, 10 times premium invest in the 10 years of time period fixed term basis.

MATURITY: - On the maturity time more than 1.50 Lakh and others benefit 3.5% added to this maturity Money, end of the policy.

OTHERS BENEFIT: - After 3 years a minimum bonus benefit are taken, and any time investors are taken their policy lone facilities for their invests of Money.

NBA: - At the Maturity time and for a Maturity Money of Rs. – 40, 0000/- and above 4.5% of the MSA Payable Maturity.

DEATH BANIFIT: - All the due premiums have been paid after death of the policy holder in his family member’s hand also along with all the benefit of death.
Policy term of the time of death: - define the money of the death benefit and money assured on the death time and reversionary bonuses and final additional bonus are in payable. 

Life Insurance Corporation of India Recruitment 2014 Official notification

125% higher basic money assured on death benefit 10 time annualized premium.

Death benefit is not lees than 105% of all premiums have been covered on the time period of date of the premium of death.

Any policy holder has been completed his age 100 years his policy is matured of the double (200%).



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