(A Scientific Society of Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Govt. of India.)

           Admission Declared for the PG Diploma Courses in, 2014 August

Online Application Date:-  20th  April, 2014  to  29th May, 2014. www.cdac.in   and  www.acts.cdac.in

C-DAC’s Common Admission Test (C-CAT):- 08th June, 2014  and 5th June, 2014.

Commencement of the Courses:- 20th August, 2014.

Admission open for 24 Weeks Full-time high-end Post Graduate Diploma Courses in ICT and related areas for August 2014 Batch.


1)      Advanced Computing (PG-DAC).
2)      VLSI Design ( PG-DVLSI).
3)      IT Information, System and Security (PG-DITISS).
4)      Automation and Embedded System (PG-DASS).
5)      Wireless and Mobile Computing (PG-DWiMC).
6)      Embedded System Design (PG-DESD).
7)      System SOFTWARE Development (P[G-DITISS).
8)      Healthcare Information (PG-DHI).
9)      Geoinformatics (PG-DGI).
10)  Integrated VLSI and Embedded Systems Design (PG-DIVESD).

PG Diploma Courses Centres and Contact No.

Kolkata : - (PG-DAC, PG-DWiMC, PG-DESD), C-DAC Tel No.- 033-23574258/5989.

New Delhi:- ( PG-DAC, PG-DITISS),  Bytes Softech Tel No.- 9350552415.

Bengaluru:- C-DAC, eCity el No.- 080-28523300, ( PG-DAC, PG-DITISS), C-DAC-ACTS, Knowledge Park Tel:- 080-66116400/01/02/03, (PG-DAC, PG-DWiMC, PG-DSSD, PG-DESD, PG-DASS), Vimarshana Technology Solution Tel No.- 080-40935757 ( PG-DAC).

Hyderabad:- C-DAC Tel No.- 040-23737127/28 (PG-DAC, PG-DSSD, PG-DESD).

Bhubeneswar: - Lakshya Tel No.- 0674-2542520, (PG-DAC).

Chennai:- C-DAC – ACTS Tel No.- 044-22542226/27 (PG-DAC, PG-DSSD, PG-DESD).

Mumbai:- C-DAC, Juhu Tel No.- 022-26201606/1574/1488 (PG-DWiMC), C-DAC, Kharghar Tel No.- 022-27565303/06 (PGDAC), Mumbai Educational Trust Tel No.- 022-39554366 ( PG-DAC), Academy of IT (YCP) Tel No.- 022-22043619/17 (PG-DAC), Vidyanidhi Info Tech Academy Tel No.- 022-26255629 (PG-DAC, Thakur Institute of Career Advancement Tel No.- 022-28542917 (PG-DIVESD, PG-DVLSI).

Nagpur:- Soft Polynomials Tel No.- 0712-2556808, ( PG-DAC, PG-DVLSI, PG-DIVESD).

Nashik:- MET-IIT Tel No.- 0253-2303515 (PG-DAC).

Jaipur:- NETCOM Tel No.- 76765010205 ( PG-DAC).

Karad:- Sunbeam Institute of IT Tel No.- 02164-225500 (PG-DAC).

Kholapur:- Global InfoTech Learning Tel No.- 9421299565 (PG-DAC).

Noida:- C-DAC Tel No.- 0120-3063371-73, ( PG-DAC, PG-DWiMC, PG-DITISS, PG-DESD, PG-DESD, PG-DIVESD, PG-DGi).

Patna:- Career foresight Tel No.- 8582002345 ( PG-DAC).

Solapur:- Ashwath InfoTech Tel No.- 0217-2318494 (PG-DAC).

Thiruvananthapuram:- C-DAC Tel No.- 0471-2700401 (PG-DAC, PG-DESD).

Pune:- C-DAC-ACTS Tel No.- 020-25503106/07, ( PG-DAC, PG-DWiMC, PG-DITISS, PG-DESD, PG-DVLSI, PG-DGi, PG-DHI), IACSD, Akurdi Tel No.- 020-27659509 (PG-DAC0, Infoway Technologies Tel No.- 020-25411261, 9921353366 ( PG-DAC), Sunbeam Technology Tel No.- 020-24260308.

Any other details of Courses and C-CAT, Registration and Application Click this website:- www.cdac.in   and  www.acts.cdac.in


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