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30th March, 2014 the JEXPO Result are published by the (WBSCTE) West Bengal State Council of Technical Education. Only the JEXPO top rank candidates are applicable for this counseling process.

After the Madhamick Examination JEXPO Counseling are stated.

The entire pass out candidates of Madhamick Examination will be able to join the Counseling process of JEXPO. Counseling process are in online through the website is in your own computer or any other internet connection computer centre. Candidates inform to a in portents of Fill up the choose of Institute and branches in the date between 18th June, 2014 – 25th June, 2014. Now a days computerized online counseling system started and this is done a marvelous work, candidates are doing their counseling in very easy and clean. Not taken any complaint to the candidates for the online counseling process.   

Counseling will be done on the basis of JEXPO 2014 Rank wise 1 - 60000

All the details are available on the official website of the JEXPO:  

JEXPO 2014 Syllabus:
Physics:- Matter and Energy, Rest and Motion, Change of state , Modern Physic, Light, Displacement, Speed, velocity and Acceleration, System of measurements and Measuring devices, Heat, Simple weight-weight calculation using chemical equation, Structure of Atom, Properties of gases-pressure and temperature, Avogadro's Law, Sound.

Chemistry:- Identification of matter Physical and Chemical properties, Chemical Bonding, Chemical reaction and chemical equation, Solution, Oxides, acids, base and salts, Fuel, Water, Periodic Table, Separation of Mixtures, Oxygen, Nitrogen,Ammonia,Carbon, Some metals: Aluminum, magnesium, zink,iron and copper, Electronic theory of Oxidation and reduction, Organic chemistry: What is organic chemistry, Alkane, Alkene, Alkyne, Monomer and polymer.
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